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That is absolutely rediculous. You don't think you might be just a little bit biased, do you? You sound like a petulent baby whose parents are taking away his candy. Ooooh, if my candy wasn't so good, you'd let me keep it. You just want it because you're selfish and you want it for yourselves. Boo hoo! Boo hoo!

This is a business. If they can get value for Gee, a decent player but no star, they will trade him in a heartbeat. And if they can't get elite prospects for Dickey and he is willing to sign an affordable extension, they'll keep him. But don't whine about the fact that they may trade him only because he won the C.Y. or he is too good and they don't really want to win. They may trade him because the return they can get will result in a better long term outcome than keeping him.
Speaking of petulant children (who apparently can't spell "ridiculous" or "petulant")...

If they Wilpons trade Dickey, it will be because their horrible investment decisions have left them broke to the point where they can't field the best possible team. Even Buster Olney, who has probably never said an assertive word in his life, has thrown down the gauntlet: Sign Dickey or sell the team.

And yeah, we're a little biased...toward really good players. R.A. Dickey is one of the best pitchers in baseball, and we'd all like him to stay. Sarcastically opining that he'll get traded now that he's become a great pitcher is perfectly understandable, considering that the last Met to receive any sort of award or accolade--Jose Reyes--is now a twice removed ex-Met.

But by all means, defend the organization against your fellow fans. After all, they've done so much for you. All these great winning seasons, all the money invested in the team the last few years, the hiring of Moneyball's Grandfather for the purposes of filling our roster with great players at market value--OH WAIT A SECOND...