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Thread: Viva Las Vegas

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    Viva Las Vegas

    I'm thrilled that the Mets have moved their AAA club to America's Favorite Playground. Another excuse to fly into Vegas and spend a few days before driving through the desert to my in-laws in northern Arizona [going through Phoenix, except for catching a Mets-Diamondbacks game, meant experiencing stifling, 108 degree heat! Yes it's a dry being in a pizza oven!!!]

    The other reason for being excited is the potential effect on the Mets hitting stats. We seem to have a farm system loaded at AA and below right now, while AAAA was filled in 2012 with tired retreads and marginal AAAAers. As Wil Flores, Aderlin Rodriguez, Reese Havens [if he is finally healthy], Cesar Puello, Greg Vaughn and other hitters reach Vegas, their stats should prosper, especially the power bats, in the desert. Which means it may increase their trade value the way decades of Dodgers' prospects looked so good using their PCL launching pad in Albuquerque for so many years. I'm still looking, as stated in other posts, to use Bay, Pelfrey, RRamirez, Torres and Acosta savings [over $20M] to buy two free agents and make trades of the platoon/out-of-position/fringe guys [Murphy, Duda, Nieuwenhuis] and minor league question marks [Mejia, Familia] to restock the bare positions in the outfield, bullpen and catcher's spot and get back in contention this year, not 2014.

    Once we know what the kids can do who will reach Vegas this year we can make the bigger moves to trade for a star to help put us over the top [see Brooks, Fitzgerald, Youmans for Carter....PWilson, Goetz, etc. for Piazza....Allen & Ownbey for Hernandez] in July or next December. And Vegas may help with padding stats or just simply improving young hitters' confidence vs. the pitcher's parks they faced in St. Lucie and Brooklyn [where Ike Davis managed a single homer as a rookie] sure is time we developed some home grown sluggers besides Wright and Davis instead of paying fortunes [see Bay, Bonilla, Delgado, Mo Vaughn, Beltran] to sign/trade for them.
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    Maybe it's me but I really don't see much of a benefit in the PCL spiking our minor leaguers' stats. If anything, they'll come up with unreasonable expectations and suffer a rude awakening moving from Vegas to Flushing.

    Frankly, i dont think it matters one way or the other. If a guy can hit, he can hit, which will translate accordingly where ever he plays.
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    Current Mets fans will all think our younger players are all Hank Aarons with all the inflated stats. It would be nice to travel and see them play once in a while too.
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    That dry heat stuff always cracks me up. I was in Vegas one on a breezy day and it was like standing in front of a giant hair dryer. You may sweat less out there but you're always thirsty. Fortunately, they have a lot of places to relieve that thirst.

    Hot is hot. I wouldn't want to play there in the daytime.

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    I travel to Las Vegas monthly for business. If I have time I might check out a game.

    Then again, probably not. I've watched enough minor league baseball while living in Denver with the Denver Bears and Zephyrs - BORING. I've forgotten who was the parent team that's how enthusiastic I am about the minors. However, some people dig it.

    And, yes, Las Vegas is hell on earth with summer time temperatures to 110 degrees or more even though it is a dry heat, it's very dehydrating without realizing it.
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