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Td I dont like that at all

2 cb's with 2 of our tops picks

Sign woodhead and Draft davis?

Why add even more to a wr that looks really good

We need to focus in other areas
we resign cox whos good but injury prone. we dont have a good corner opposite of him and we dont have that good Nickle guy(harris has some Potential but ud be nuts to think hes gonna be as good as Banks or rhodes). between Rhodes and Banks we can actually have a good CB coverage which is our biggest problem. even if we dont resign cox this still gives us 2 starting caliber corners. Mathis is washed up and Middletons not a good corner so i dont see us resign either of them unless they coming cheap.

i dont have faith in Cosby as a returner and woodhead is a good RB who should be an improvement upon parmele and should give us a good returner. hell id say sign brandon tate from Cincy to be our Return guy if it comes down to it but id rather have a Pass Catching RB than add to our Glut at wr.

Marcus Davis is that freaky athlete that needs a lil work but imo is well worth a roster spot over a guy like cosby. hell i wouldnt be mad if we moved Davis down to te/H-back and used him there. we need more playmakers on this team and Davis is a Playmaker.

TBH im suprised u didnt complain about millard whos a Boss FB who can play some RB and TE.