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    Quote Originally Posted by scopepts View Post
    To be fair Sanchez had time most of the game, his BS pick in the end zone was terrible and half of his throws were retarted.
    Before I respond, I would just like to say that I am in no way trying to defend sanchez, but even Keller admitted that he was partially to blame for that Int. He was supposed to come back for the pass and didn't

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccugrad1 View Post
    ...And as I have said with the personnel before: What does it say about the offense when your center is your best player?
    Fortunately for the Jets their Center is not their best offensive player.

    Again, one of the better centers in the league has nothing to do with being the best OL on your team, and Mangold is NOT the best OL on the team.

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    60% for Tanny. The Jets have missed on too many draft picks since 2009. He has also given out ridiculous contracts to many of the players including Pace, Scott, Harris, and Eric Smith.

    30% for Rex Ryan. He only focuses on one side of the ball and even that side is no longer dominant. He hasn't evolved with the game and wants the Jets to play a style of football (ground and pound) that rarely works in today's NFL.

    10% for Woody. He seems to be more concerned with headlines than winning football. games.

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