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    Quote Originally Posted by Toon88 View Post
    On these boards who think the Mets are flushed with money. I've known for years that the Mets are broke and if the commisioner wasn't stringing them along and good friends they the Wilpons would be former owners of the Mets by now. If they had any love for the team, fans, city and the game they would sell and sell soon so that we can get some owner(s) that would make this team competitive again. What they are doing now is embarrasing and not fooling anyone.
    We like preaching to the Choir.

    Everyone deep down knows there is a money problem. Whether it has been years in the making, or just recently with Madoff, or just simply the Wilpons being cheap and pocketing more every year. It doesn't matter. The self imposed payroll budget is what it is. I happen to believe this team is rebuilding. They do not have a stable new core yet...and have just begun the process of building a stable rotation. It will be a few years before we see the spending we as fans believe should be a GOD given right in the NY market. Unfortunately with a rebuild, you don't start by spending. You hold back until the team is stable...then plug in FA's. Fans will get fed up with the rebuilding process because this is NY. Wanting instant gratification will do that.

    It is going to take a great feat to get the Wilpon's to sell and to piggy back on what you said...we are not even close to being there yet.
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