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Thread: Going Small...

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    Feb 2012
    yeah that stupid 'couch' has untimely ejection cushions that need to be straightened out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bramaca View Post
    I think he was on the right track using something like the Princeton offense for that team. Not sure how good he is at running the offense though, always thought he was more of a defensive coach.
    He constantly went to his assistant coaches to run offensive plays because he literally sucked on the offensive end. Funny thing is, we might have to do the same for Casey.

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    Oct 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedyRecovery View Post
    Aside from couch casey changing our lineups in full which i totally disagree with and going double point guard with jose and john, don't mind as much with jose and lowry.. but my main question is why is it when another team goes small that dictates that we have to go small.. why if they do that do we have to take out all our talented players at the 4 and 5, and if thats the case why wouldn't most teams go small with us and force out our top talent? could someone please explain this to me? wouldn't playing zone fix that or something to that effect? i'm starting to really worry about couch casey.. starting to realize defense is nice but don't know if this is the way our team is heading. not calling for the couches head or anything but there must be something other tactics could improve!
    Is that a really bad play on words or do you really not know how to write coach?

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