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    Exclamation Game 5: Celtics at Bucks 7:30PM CST Sat


    Saturday, November 10, 2012

    8:30 PM ET - BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI

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    m not one to make complaints about the refs but they really butchered this one. It should never come down to blaming the refs because we should have put the game away but still... come on this is the NBA, how can we still not have people who can call an even game?

    BTW LOVE Larry Sanders hustle...

    Can someone please tell me why Marquise Daniels is playing more than Tobias Harris? The dude is awful.

    Jennings needs to be more involved in the game. Can't be having 2 pts, I don't care who's guarding him. Although, I will give him the benefit of the doubt he did get fouled on at least 3 layup attempts(which were clearly fouls by Rondo) which resulted in Jennings missing the shot. No excuse though he's gta be more aggressive.
    " Failure is only defined by someone's perception of what failing is."-His Airness

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    Seemed like Harris got the hook early from Skiles in like game 2 or 3 then seems like Daniels been getting more burn now.

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    I have loved what I've seen from Larry Sanders so far this year. He is really hustling and he is a little less wild, although he could still stay on his feet a bit more on defense. Illyasova is looking like another guy Hammond overpaid for after having a half season of success. What is Skiles doing with the lineup by the way?? Just start Dunleavy if he's going to be on the court twice as much as Harris. It's the same old Skiles, when we see flashes of potential from a young player like we saw in Harris to begin the year, Skiles buries them on the bench for seemingly no reason. Frustrating.

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