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    Johnny Football is still far more awesome.

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    Manziel is better

    Cameron Jordan is awesome

    12.5 sacks and this

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    He reminds me of Josh Freeman, pretty accurate qb with time in the pocket with a strong arm. He still needs to work on mobility and passing under pressure but for those who havn't even seen him play need to stop comparing him to other QB's and then judge. For a Frosh to have 30 total touchdowns and a TD/INT ratio higher then 2 to 1 in his first 10 starts is pretty damn impressive, not to mention he has 3 freshman starting on O-Line protecting him.
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    I haven't seen him before today. But, so far during this game against USC there has been a lot to like. He looks to have a good frame, good feet, and the ball placement has been incredible so far. However, if there is one thing that he needs to improve, it is arm strength. The ball doesn't explode out of his hand like Barkley.

    When I watch him throw the ball and then Barkley, Hundley doesn't seem to have near the velocity. They've thrown the corner route to Fauria a few times now and he has floated all of them. He's got time though, and arm strength is probably the easiest thing to improve.

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