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    The hottest, sexiest, most amazing person ever award- Nick Swisher


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    Quote Originally Posted by BILLYBALL View Post
    A-Fraud reminds me of Bernie Madoff - A-ROID defrauded the yankees oF 275 million dollars - BERNIE IS IN JAIL A-FRAUD walks free . . . . . God bless America
    Seriously change your tune. Its beyond annoying. We all get it, you hate Arod. We have heard it 1000 times, Aroid Afraud. Who cares?? The guy took steroids big deal. Comparing him to a low life thief that literally ruined peoples lives is beyond ridiculous. Let it go already. If the yanks were so concerned with him taking steroids they should have tested him prior to giving him that contract. Post something else for once.

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    Biggest bust in the Playoffs. The Offense

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