I doubt anyone on here would take this thread seriously, but I want to have this debate.

I have been constantly disgusted by the ridiculous numbers that are coming out in regards to posting fees for international players...so if teams are willing to throw around 26 million for a Korean starting pitcher that we have never seen pitch before, and 51.7 million for a Japanese starting pitcher to come over here to only be good for 2/3 years of a 5 year contract...Why dont we have a new player agreement, where teams like the Tampa Bay Rays can post a player like Evan Longoria...then teams like the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees can come along and bid (and pay) 60 million to the Tampa Bay Rays to negotiate with him (like they do with International Players)..and if Evan Longoria likes the contract he receives from the top bidder then the top bidder can actually sign that particular player.

I am just throwing this idea out there....because if teams are willing to pay for international talent, why not pay for it at home????