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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackWidow View Post
    Soooo from what I've read on the board thus far...

    DHB, McFadden, Seymour, Huff all need to be cut at the end of the year...

    Yeah losing depth is going to help us.

    You do realize we can only get so many draft picks and trades for these guys right?

    I didn't hear any complaints when he coughs that TD pass in KC. That was actually right in front of me. (Had front row end zone seats.) I don't see him being cut. We're on the right track.
    9 Receptions 124 yards 1 TD

    26 catches 366 yards 1 TD

    64 Catches 975 yards 4 tds

    19 catches 289 yards 2tds

    Point is this is depth that can be easily replaced. These aren't starting numbers. 2011 wasn't even a special year because he was ranked 20th in yards and 4 tds isn't going to get it done. Keep in mind hes making about 8 million a season. We can get Greg Jennings for that money this offseason. These numbers for the spot he was picked and his salary are TERRIBLE. Now if he was making 2 million its one thing but hes making elite money. He will be easily replaced. Now for kelly and seymour they aren't needed because i think desmond and houson(move him to DT) can take over those roles and we can find a NT in the draft, as well as continue to bring in solid role players through FA.

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    Yet another player that the nation refused to look at with an objective eye.

    He does run routes.
    He is a straight line WR, who struggles to make catches in motion.
    he is a third or fourth reciever at best, which ive been saying since last year.

    we will cut him, not out of desire, but necessity.If he wants to sign for 1.5 a year we have a spot for him, if not he can go dissapoint someone else.

    I eagerly await your Mcfadden reference

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    14,314 have to admit that the similarities are striking.


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    Quote Originally Posted by themadstork View Post
    Their production doesn't match their paychecks. We'll be better off without them.


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