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    Quote Originally Posted by shen View Post
    Allen wanted Lillard no matter what. After the predraft dinner with him Allen made our first pick then and there. Was never going to be beal. That was all ESPN trying to create hype.
    Olshey also said if TRob had dropped to us that they were going to have a long hard look (5 min look) and make a tough decision. Listen, we all don agree, but lets face it, our franchise is pointing straight up. this is an awesome argument to have! where are we going to spend 13million next year? who are we using our lotto pick on while being play off contenders next year? this is extremely rare for teams. kind of like where OKC was couple years ago.

    we are lacking someone who can iso at the top other than lillard. and a lot of hype went into mathews working like crazy this summer on his handles, and batum may or may not ever reach the ability. If we can have one other person creat for them self, then that doubles the amount of open looks batum, lillard and mathews will have. Look at lou williams and teague did to us tonight, 2 guys who could create, and that made korver look like an effing stud.

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    Batum can create for himself, he can iso. Nate really f'd him and created this completely wrong image of him only being this catch and shoot guy.

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