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Eh, I think people exaggerate about Fielder's defensive issues. For a man his size I think he has pretty good coverage. Not saying he's a plus defender or anything, but he's not horrible.

Wait, are you suggesting Infante wasn't an upgrade over Raburn/Santiago/Worth?

edit: I stand corrected. Looked it up and Omar had 9 errors in 514 innings at 2B, Ramon had just 1 error in 440 innings at 2B.
Infante isn't typically that bad, i'm pretty comfortable saying he will be much better next year in the field. That being said, I would still prefer him to be our utility guy, and if we can't bring back Sanchez I wouldn't be suprised to see DD use some of that money to go after a veteran to play second, maybe Scutaro or Polanco.