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    Quote Originally Posted by jomota48 View Post

    You completely miss the point about multiculturalism. I enjoy all that stuff too. Some more than others because some of the foods are a bit hard to take but give me a German, Greek or Italian food festival anytime.

    The problem with multiculturalism is that it keeps huge numbers of people unemployable. And as soon as they have difficulties getting by they look to the state (read that me) for help.

    The other problem is that all these people demanding cultural sensitivity come from places that do not grant any understanding of cultures other than their own.

    Just fit in man, use chopsticks if you want but you still need to fit in.

    Just a hunch here but is John Lennon's Imagine one of your favorite songs? Great song but you do know it is totally unrealistic. You know that don't you????
    saying multiculturalism makes people unemployable is offensive. Put yourself in someones else shoes and think about the meaning of what you said. Unemployable is harsh- i know very handicapped people with jobs.

    I hope what you mean is the language barriers and other cultural barriers can limit someones education and employment avenues. Opening more avenues by encouraging and making resources available for people to do things like learn English is good and does not kill off the other elements of their culture

    As far as people looking to gov't people will take advantages of resources made available to them. this is true regardless of culture
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    My dick is named 'Ewing'.

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