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Here is the problem with the draft classes for the Jets-- You will have some that say in terms of where players are at, the Jets draft classes have been good. For example:

2009-- Sanchez, Greene, Slauson. You will have some that will say that the Jets have their starting QB, starting RB, and starting LG.

2010-- Wilson, Ducasse, McKnight, Conner. You will have some that say Wilson is starting for Revis, Ducasse is getting more reps, McKnight is a Pro Bowl KR, and Conner was our starting FB until injury.

2011-- Wilkerson, Ellis, Powell, Kerley, McElroy, McKnight. You will have some that will say Wilkerson and Kerley are starters, Ellis, Powell, and possibly McElroy should be starting.

2012-- Coples, Hill, Davis, Bush, Ganaway, Griffin, Allen, White. You will have some that will say Coples, Hill, and Davis are all starters; Bush is playing more each week; Allen should still be on the active roster; and White has played in a few games.

Unfortunately, I subscribe to the school of thought that a lot of these draft picks, unless that get better really quick, will not be NY Jets in 3 or 4 years time. From 2009 through 2011, you can probably only say that Wilkerson is the only lock to be on this Jets roster in say 2014 or 15.
Kerley, Wilson and Ellis are as much of a lock as Wilkerson is, as each of them have shown quality play ability.