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    Durant dominating the glass!

    Hey guys... I'm not a fan of OKC exactly, more fan of the game. I just wanted to say that Durant has greatly impressed me so far this season. His scoring is a little down, but Ir really like that he is trying to create for others more and improve his playing making, but even more than that I have been amazing at his rebounding so far this season.

    I thought Durant had reached his potential and that I just expected him to keep up the high level of excellence he set, but he seems to be raising the bar this season.

    What are your thoughts on Durant so far this season? Will he be more of a facilitator this season? Will be be able to keep up these numbers on the glass?
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    I would hope he reverts back to the efficient offensive machine of old. This aint what OKC needs.

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    I've been impressed by his rebounding also. With the scoring issue, I think he is trying to be a little too unselfish and get everyone else involved. He is passing up on good shots to give a teammate the same shot and I would much rather him being taking that shot then anyone else.

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    I like that he's becoming more of a playmaker... But he's a natural born scorer. That's just what he is. I'd rather he stop passing so much (and in turn, turning it over so much) and start putting the ball in the basket like he used to.

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