Ryan is middle of the road in terms of how fast he throws, 2.73 seconds which ties Big Ben for 19th fastest. The thing is the average time it takes for him to get sacked is 2.84. 2.84! I don't know if anyone else out there played O-Line, but it is preached at all levels that you need to be able to give your QB at least 3 seconds. In fact, the average for the league is a little over 3 seconds. More than a little I guess, a huge amount considering Ponder/Brady lie on each end of average with the middle becoming 3.24 seconds. That is almost half a second less time Ryan has to throw than the "average" NFL QB.

That sucks. This line is [probably] playing much worse than we all thought. Of course, maybe it's because Ryan's eyes are always downfield. Always. He's not one to run around behind the LoS, he's one to drift around the pocket and that could make the average lower, but even the more mobile QB's seem to be evenly distributed amongst the list.

Let's hope that Ryan's pocket presence and ability to make quick throws under pressure don't mask the fact to the FO that we need lineman immediately.