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    Dimitroff wanted Julio over AJ

    From @ChrisWesseling, senior NFL editor at Rotoworld:
    Upon @RumfordJohnny's recommendation, just finished "War Room" by @MichaelSHolley on Belichick, Pioli, Dimitroff. Excellent. Done [in] 3 days.
    #Falcons assistant director of player personnel Lionel Vital on their decision 2 years ago: "A.J. Green is Randy Moss. Julio Jones is T.O."
    Ex- Falcons director of pro/player personnel Les Snead: Green is a better route-running, just-as-fast Moss. Plays fast, great body control.
    Ex-Falcons personnel director Les Snead: "With Julio, I think you're looking at a better Michael Irvin. He's just a strong human being."
    Erroneous. Dimitroff fell hard after Julio said of one play: "Listen, I will KILL that guy." RT @JamesRapien: ATL would've taken AJ [over] Julio.
    @JoshNorris: Both Pioli + Dimitroff loved Julio's freakish competitiveness. Julio challanged Pioli to a ping pong match at lunch during visit
    Dimitroff was obsessed w/ both Julio + Green, though. Found it interesting that he put this plan in place in October, 7 months before draft.
    Dimitroff deserves all of the credit in the world. Most GMs play it safe. He knew exactly what his roster, franchise needed. Bold stroke.
    @JamesRapien: Love them both. Hate having to choose. Just think Julio hasn't even scratched the surface yet. Bigger, faster, stronger.
    Ramon Nivar referenced the book a while back, but I still haven't purchased it. Great insight here though.

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    You need to purchase it, or borrow it. Being in Georgia I'd feel like the library has a solid chance of having it.

    Anyway, the 2nd to last one is completely true. The book mentions him calling Belichick a little before the draft and asking for advice and Belichick basically says it is a one way ticket to a pink slip. Then Dimitroff did the deal anyway. Thank God GM's don't just leave teams.

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