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Not all of them do, do you remember Perez? did Zito improved with age?

Nobody is saying he does not have value, but his value is limited by how good he is, as of now he is a mid rotation guy at best, so why teams will be willing to give up a stellar package for for a mid rotation guy? He is not an ace or has pitched like an ace for teams to be willing to par with some of their best prospects just for Niese. Would the Mets be willing to trade Harvey and others for Niese if he was in another team?, so why would a team be willing to trade a prospect like Harvey let alone 2-3 guys for Niese?
Because teams need pitching... Period. They look for it every season, and when you can get a 26 year old under contract for 6 years at a great rate, you just fixed a hole in your rotation for years to come.

High potential pitching prospects can bust and become #5 starters or nothing at all. It's happens a lot. Niese is a sure-thing #2/#3 for your team and has no arm issues whatsoever.

Not all teams are looking for a 38 year old ace for one guaranteed season. Every team in baseball could use a guy like Niese. Niese would be the best pitcher on a team like the Royals.