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    Quote Originally Posted by RickyPrior View Post
    Billy Beane of the forums. What did he win?
    Yeah, Bill James didn't get the Red Sox ****. Ignorance is bliss though I guess.

    He woulda been ****ed in Washington...
    Update: Turns out he was ****ed in Kansas City too

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    I would love to defend Billy Beane and Bill James in here.

    FIRE ME!

    I dont do five year plans other organizations do, I guess. - Ruben Amaro Jr

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    Quote Originally Posted by bholly View Post
    I don't want to wade into this whole cluster**** again, but these points need making.

    "Assists more than ET"
    ET put up better assist numbers than JRich last year (2.8apg to JRich's 2.0, 4.2 per 40 to JRich's 2.7, 24.24 assist rate to JRich's 15.59), and the year before (2.0apg to JRich's 1.8, 3.5 per 40 to JRich's 2.2, and assist rate of 23.95 to JRich's <15.)

    ET has an assist rate >23.9 and assists per 40 >=3.5 in each of his first two seasons. You have to go back to 2006-07 for JRich to have that many assists per 40, and he hasn't even sniffed a 20 assist rate his entire career.

    And before you go back and do your ******** comparison of overall career numbers as if that isn't totally ridiculous, ET's career ast/40 is 3.86. JRich has put up more than that exactly twice in a 12 year career, and has a career mark of 3.14. ET's ast/40 was 4.2 last year, which JRich has bettered exactly 0 times in his career.

    If you want to make a claim like that, the burden of proof is on you to substantiate it. Just because the counterarguments you get are half-assed doesn't make you right.

    JRich does not assist more than ET. It's just a fact.

    "Shoots well from everywhere"
    Here's the last two years' shooting percentages by distance for JRich, ET, and the league average for SGs playing 20+ games and 15+mpg.

    JRich doesn't shoot well from everywhere, unless by everywhere you mean "from 3 and nowhere else", which I know you didn't because that was the exact opposite of the premise of the question.

    In short, some of the things you're saying are just objectively not true (and easily checkable). Sort of explains some of your overrating of JRich, though.
    I assume the B in BHolly stands for Barzilai, Aaron Barzilai.

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