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Wow, I didn't even see this big old boat of far-right-GOP talking points.

I know for a fact that Americans won't do those jobs. You find me Americans who are willing to do the work that illegal immigrants do for a fraction of the minimum wage. We established a minimum wage and safe working conditions because we feel that we deserve a certain level of compensation for our work and a certain amount of safety while we perform the tasks asked of us by our employers. The jobs we expect most illegals to do are below that compensation rate and below that safety limit. I know for a fact that we aren't willing to accept that low pay and safety. If we were, we would have cut our safety and pay standards years ago to compete.

If those are the jobs that you think illegals are doing, then you clearly have seen no illegals and done absolutely no research. Most of those jobs are done by either a citizen or by a machine that requires even less pay and lower safety standards.

The point about people on unemployment getting those jobs is not only a bad talking point but it also ignores basic economics. For the employer to give a person on unemployment that job it has to make economic sense for the employer and I'm sorry but it just doesn't make that sense.

To the last point, this isn't about insulting the American worker. This is about pointing out what we all know are facts. The American worker is not willing to do the jobs that illegals are for the level of compensation that they will receive (because citizens are legally barred from receiving that level of compensation. Revoke the minimum wage and the standards established by the states and OSHA and MAYBE you will see Americans compete for those jobs. But much more likely, you will see Americans of all political stripes revolt on those politicians who lower those standards and compensation requirements.
You are totally wrong in your points.

Employers who ignore safety rules and pay below minimum wage are as guilty as illegals are for being here. They should be prosecuted. If prices go up, so be it and the market will adjust itself. The market always adjusts itself.

Instead of giving away food stamps, housing allowances, AFDC, free phones, child credits etc. Give people these "jobs that no American will do" and allow them to earn some dignity and self respect at the same time. If you can keep the unions out if it, it will work just fine.

What we have right now is total dependency for millions of people. Slavery without the chains.

If you don't work, you don't eat. John Smith, Jamestown circa 1607. Seems like that policy worked out pretty well.