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It was a small plane. It was back in... 81, I think? 82 at the latest. He, my great grandma (his grandma), his dad, and a friend of theirs that's a pilot were flying from the STL area I believe back out to the LA area, I think they were bringing my great grandma out to see me cause I had been born not long before that. Anyway, they get into the mountains of Arizona, near Flagstaff, hit crazy winds I believe, and the plane goes down in a forested area. My grandpa (dad's dad) had his chest crushed by the instrument panel (he was sitting in the other front seat next to the pilot) and died instantly, and my great grandma was thrown from plane, hit a tree, and died instantly.

My dad was also thrown, but landed safely on the ground. His left arm was all jacked up, the bones of his elbow were literally just hanging out and visible (ironically, he was left handed too), and even 20+ years later he couldn't straighten his left arm out all the way.

Anyway, he pulled the pilot out of the plane, put out a small brush fire that had started, and then walked like two or three miles to a bar in the middle of nowhere to call for help. He spent like two weeks in the hospital or something crazy like that, and some rehab time out of the hospital too. The pilot was all messed up, I think he had a couple permanent injuries and walked with a limp for the rest of his life. It's kind of crazy to think that if he'd just taken either of the other two seats, I'd have never know him, and never had a little sister (or at least not the one I have). As it is, I don't have a single memory of my grandpa, and my great grandma never saw me.
Thats incredible, and yet heart wrenching at the same time.


Glad your dad made it.