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Can someone also explain to me how having a college degree means you're smarter than someone else?

It took me 5 years to get a degree and I hated every second of school but I went through it because there's this ridiculous notion that you're not smart if you don't have a bachelor's degree. Unless you've been through 4 years of some stupid ******** busy work, where you memorized answers and slapped them on a test sheet, then somehow your opinion isn't as valid as another's?

Some of the stupidest people I know have college degrees... a lot of them are jersey shore girls who got through college because it's a total joke and now i'm supposed to respect their ******** opinions over someone who is brilliant but couldn't afford to drop 100k on a lousy piece of paper?

I could just as easily say the states with the best "education" went Obama because the educational system is run by a bunch of people who have never worked in the private sector, got teaching degrees through largely liberal schools, and don't know the first thing about conservatism or free markets.

This entire thing is totally relative and absolutely childish.
On average people who have a college education are smarter then people who have just a high school diploma. People who have a high school diploma on average are going to be smarter than people who dropped out. People who get advanced degrees are on average smarter than those who don't. I'm sorry but just cause you know some dumb people with college educations doesn't mean education ceases to have value.

Less education is not a cause of poor intelligence. Anyone who tells you so doesn't understand the measurement of intelligence. Measuring intelligence is by no means a perfect science. But intelligence exists and it is highly correlated with education.

By the way is someone who is brilliant code for believes what I do?