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    Quote Originally Posted by stephkyle7 View Post
    Wow, your absolutely wrong, Bipolar disorder is defined under the classification of anxiety disorders

    Ive studied Mental health for about 20 years....
    why do people insist on acting as if they know things they dont?

    Almost ALL anxiety disorders are based on compulsion,They are rooted in what is known as automatic thought which is in and of itself cumpulsive in nature....
    Go back to school flip.
    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - 4 - TR is what is used to diagnose illnesses. Not the website you sent me. Bipolar is a mood disorder. Bipolar disorder can come with Anxiety symptoms. Did you even read what was on the website you sent. From the second paragraph in the link you sent me
    These people may be suffering from an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or both.
    I'm pretty sure that implies that an anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder are separate things.

    Anxiety is correlated with almost all mental illnesses, but that is far different that anxiety disorder. Depressed moods are also associated with almost all mental illnesses, but this is not the same as depression.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPoon
    man with hair like fire can destroy souls with a twitch of his thighs.

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