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Well Herm was traded for a 4th round pick. And his team gave up on him much the same way these Jets are sinking with Rex. Under Herm the Jets played ok and slipped into the playoffs exactly like the Jets did with Rex.

Mangini was a tyrant. But he built the foundation that made the playoffs 2 years in a row under rex.

If Favre hadnt hurt his arm there is no telling how far that team could have gone.

If Mangini was coach in 09 would the Jets have drafted Sanchez? Or waited in line and draft Josh Freeman?

I can understand "player coach" But Rex is much much more than just that. He is a players friend.
The Jets never gave up on Herm, and the players played hard for him until the end.

Herm made the playoffs when he had a healthy QB, and didn't when he didn't.

Mangini would have had no say if the Jets would have drafted Sanchez or not, much the same way Mangibi had no say over when Farve was traded here.

Also, Herm technically was not traded, the 4th round pick was received as compensation because Dick Vermeil wanted Herm (his protege) as his heir apparent, while Herm was under contact with the Jets.

Obviously your a Manginibot fan, but u are giving him much too much credit if you believe he built this team Rex had. That was Mike T making moves and acquiring talent, not Mangini.