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    Quote Originally Posted by Beltrans Mole View Post
    Is this what the Mets forum has become? No wonder I haven't posted in here for a while...

    Tired of the *****ing and moaning from the fans. If you don't like it then don't watch it. Don't go to Citi Field and don't turn on SNY. I'm a fan regardless of the team spending 40 mil or 140 mil on the team's payroll. We have some young guys who are hungry and want to play everyday...that's better than some ****ing teams who have zero hope. Alderson has a plan and if you're too impatient to stand by and wait, then go root for the ****ing Yankees. This team will be better once the dark days are's a necessary evil and it just needs some time. Things will turn around.
    You said that in one of your previous posts in another thread.

    We know the dark days are here and have been since 2009, the thing that prolongs the aggravation is the handling of the "dark days"

    This team needs to bite the bullet and commit to a direction. If you want to re-sign Wright because he is only 30 and is the face of the franchise that's fine but this team still needs a lot of things to fall into place to compete in the next 3 years (and it's not just payroll that will fix that). That's why Dickey is expendable because the odds are he never has a season like he did last year again and some team will overpay for his services.

    We need to get younger and have pieces to build around. They don't have that the way their farm system is currently constructed. Trading Dickey would bring us back valuable pieces that could help us in a year or two (which coincides with when they expect Wheeler, Harvey, and Flores to have significant impacts)

    That's why some posters here advocate dealing Dickey.
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