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As much as I love Dickey, whether he stays or goes is not really relevant to the team's success in 2013. They can be a 74 win team or a 90 win team, with or without him, depending on what Sandy does this winter. If he goes, he will probably be replaced with an inexpensive young starter who can give us 12-14 wins. A maturing staff (Niese, Harvey, Gee, Pelfrey and Wheeler at mid-season) should more than make up the slack. Then it all depends upon how well Sandy bolsters the offense and bull pen as to how many additional games the team wins. Maybe they'd win a few more games with Dickey next year (does anyone really expect he can win 20 again?) but they will probably be a much stronger team beyond next year if they trade him.
There's seems to be an assumption that the Mets have a surplus of starting pitching, so much so that they can afford to trade their ace --with little consequence --for players to be named later.

Don't buy it. Dickey is not only dominant but he's an innings eating machine. You toss him aside and suddenly you're putting a burden on the young pitchers that they never had to worry about before.

And of course, that translates to more work for the bullpen. we know where that will lead.

I'm sounding like a lone voice in the wilderness now but the Mets would be making a huge mistake to trade Dickey. Sure, if they can fill two or three holes you trade Dickey or any pitcher really in a heartbeat.

But the chance of that happening is nill. More likely, they'll get prospects who are more suited for the bench than as starters.

But as the Zen Master said, we'll see.