Alderson also said while they have a little more payroll flexibility than he originally projected, although itís unrealistic for the payroll to escalate towards the levels of prior years.
I read in one of the Mets blogs that before the deal with Bay, the Mets had about $11.5 million to spend this winter. It is not yet known what the deferral of Bay's money means, but if it frees up an additional $5 million, and trading Dickey would free another $5 million, they'd have over $20 million to spend on trade acquisitions and FAs. That could set up some pretty good scenarios this off season, like . .

Trade for Justin Upton ($9.75 million)
Sign Melky Cabrera ($3.5 million plus incentives)
Sign Juan Pierre ($1.75 million)
Resign Scott Hairston (2 years/$6 million - $2.5 million in 2013)
Trade for a pre-arb eligible catcher - Flowers? ($.5 mil)
Sign Japanese FA closer Kyuji Fujikawa (2 years/$8 million - $3 mil in 2013)

Cabrera - CF (Pierre as backup)
Murphy - 2B
Wright - 3B
Davis - 1B
Upton - RF
Duda/Hairston - LF (Nieuwenhuis if Duda flops)
Flowers - C (or other similar)
Tejada - SS

Santana (replaced by Wheeler in July)
Pelfrey (non tendered and resigned at lower salary)

Could be a 90 win team.