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    Quote Originally Posted by fingerbang View Post
    Cashman's done a really good job as GM. Blame the players for ******** the bed in the postseason.
    Exactly. It really is that simple.
    'Real' Yankee fans tell the truth about the team whether it is nice or not.

    "Well, that kind of puts a damper on even a Yankee win."
    -- Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto after reading a bulletin that Pope Paul VI had died

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    Quote Originally Posted by leoharris View Post
    we should sign everyone, every year.

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    No doubt, I miss The Boss. I miss the knee jerk reactions due to his PASSION and LOVE for his Yankees. I miss the tirades and the fire he lit under their *****. Hank seems to have a little of this, where Hal seems a little more level headedness, and is more business oriented than baseball oriented. The Yanks get a hard time for being old. I get that. But I like the mix of the veterans and youth - we just need more youth to be more successful and have more chances - be shown that there is faith in them - look what happened to Joba. Some of those players would have been nice additions - Cespedes I would love to have had. But here are my hopes for this year:

    Resign Mo, Pettitte, and Kuroda. Maybe Martin, or even bring in Napoli - he seems like a grinder. Bring up Sanchez as the backup.

    CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes (who i think has great stuff that he needs more confidence in and needs to stay healthy), and Nova could make a formidable 5 if they do what they can do. Toronto doesn't scare me with our guys on their game. If Pineda comes back full throttle, start him as long man out of the pen. Have him ready is someone goes down.

    Houdini comes back right and does what everyone has seen he is capable of and is the heir for the closer throne. Sign Soria and throw him in the mix and see where the chips fall in ST.

    Joba steps up and becomes the 8th inning lockdown man (unless Soria is groomed - then let him and Robertson flip flop). We've seen what he used to be able to do. I don't think it's gone. Keep Logan against lefties. He did a decent job.

    Trading A Rod for some young pitching would be great, but probably a non issue. Hope he has a fire under his *** and has a comeback year. If we get that young pitching, see if Nunez can play third.

    I think tex will be fine this year.

    Jeter comes back as Jeter.

    Extend Cano.

    Sign Ichiro and bring up Tyler Austin as a backup OF.

    Gardner has an injury free year and starts slapping the ball everywhere and gets on base and distracts pitchers. The guys that CAN hit, produce the way they should.

    I think last years sweep will put things into perspective and get some of these guys hungry again. They won before. But now they should feel like they have something to prove in that they can do it again. Or maybe Girardi should make them all play pool together again.

    Garnder (or Ichiro)
    Martin (or Napoli)
    Ichiro (or Gardner)

    Starting 5:

    D Rob

    This team looks pretty good to me. All this without a major trade and a few signings. Don;t look for Cashman to make a big splash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leoharris View Post
    We should sign everyone, every year.
    New Jersey Devils/Brooklyn Nets/New York Yankees/New York Jets

    12/7/12 R.I.P GRAM (PSD LEGEND)

    Want to be President of PSD? Post here to enroll. No skills needed!

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    ^lambert, that's probably pretty close to what the team will look like on opening day except for Napoli. I hope they don't waste money on a guy who used to hit well and can't play any defensive position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troyler21hxc View Post
    Wang was good for like 3 years
    before the injury running bases against the astros.

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    Well my guess is he passed away so he is in some sort of burial Site.

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