I think if George was still around we might have Chapman, Cespedes, Montero and possibly Darvish but I'm interested to hear some of you baseball minds analyze if the team would be any better if these guys were Yankees. Each time the Yankees dropped out of the chase (or gave up on in Montero's case) I was kind of stunned, like this new Hal approach signals the slow death of the Yankee's and the way his dad forged.

I know one thing, this team is getting harder to watch and gone are the days of signing big name international talent. Hal is creating a very boring team. Seems like having the group mentioned above would be interesting though. Would the team be any better?? Also, the cost would be very high given that the Yanks have a lot of big name duds on the payroll currently so obviously, under penny pinching Hal, NY could never afford these guys, but what if George was still around and he signed these guys, would the team be any better? I have visions of Cespe and Montero with those quick bats making this team a little better than having to watch Swisher and Aroid whiff away in the post season. Obviously, what's done is done, but what if?