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    Quote Originally Posted by celtisox41 View Post
    Brady had a bad game with 4 picks last year, everyone is entitled to one. What I'm not getting is that this guy can be average/below average for 8 games and be the second coming of Unitas, I understand he is talented but his stats are not amazing like everyone thinks. And griffin was better in college, and he's been better so far, and I fully expect him to be better in the future. Luck can get better, but you're acting like RGIII won't. Sanchize is talented too, it takes more than that to be great
    Tebow had some good stats in college, Steve Spurrier too. Big deal.

    Let's get this clear. I have an opinion, I have a lot of basis for it. You can like it or not. You seem to have no respect for my opinion. Good for you, but please do yourself a favor and don't think I am going to adopt your opinion in favor of mine until a few more years pass by and you actually turn out to be right - which I doubt.

    Funny earlier I looked up and saw your guy throw one into the turf on the run to his left, so he can't throw across his body going left..... Strike

    Only 5 posts in PSD sports groups the past 3 weeks all in this thread, all defending a Redskins rookie QB..... Hmmm... interesting...

    What's that 50's song? ...and they call it puppy love....
    Last edited by bagwell368; 11-22-2012 at 08:36 PM.
    I am not a con artist! I am a businessman! I have a big brain and I'm good at making deals! People are just jealous of my BIG BRAIN! BAD!

    Guess who? The future X-Presdent...

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