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yes, you are right, but it isnt without merit to note MSNBC was a direct result of Fox news.
Without them going on their whacko tangents and blaming the MSM for every problem a republican candidate had, there would have been no impetus to present a offsetting alternative perspective to the nonsense they were spouting.

Remember when Palin said Katie Curic was trying to make her look stupid by asking her what publications she read?
talk about a hardball question right?
I think the biggest problem that "political entertainment" has is that each new pundit or host has to be more shocking than the previous guy to make a name for himself in the industry. I can remember back around '03 - '04 thinking that Bill O'Reilly was really extreme for cable news. But now he's like the voice of reason compared to Hannity and Glenn Beck. And on the flip side years ago Rush Limbaugh wasn't nearly as extreme as today. But he has to keep up with all the Rush copy cats trying to take a piece of his audience.