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    The coaching rumors are heating up....

    If you buy what is going around its looking very likely that Gene Chizik is gonna be out at Auburn after December 1st and that Bobby Petrino is gonna be their new head coach.

    The President at Auburn has already talked to the Board of Trustees about firing Gene Chizik at the conclusion of the season. His buyout drops after December 1st.


    The same day that comes out you have Bobby Petrino's dad doing an interview saying that he wants back into the SEC so bad that he would take the first job offered and that he is very interested in the job at Kentucky and that he has already have discussions with one team. But he refused to say which team but that he had yet to talk to Kentucky. Well that pretty much only leaves Tennessee and Auburn. Its Auburn.... And I would bet this whole situation with Kentucky is an effort to get Auburn to make a move. Because Kentucky's AD has already said they have no interest in Bobby Petrino.

    Then this bit of news makes it seem very unlikely that Chizik gets retained by the university. Auburn has hired a security firm to provide security and enforce curfew on the Auburn players. Apparently the school felt that he had lost control over his team.


    Also the word is that Derek Dooley is likely out at Tennessee. They had over 40,000 empty seats for the game against Troy which amounts to a $1.5-2 million loss for the program.
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