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Thread: Week 10 Pick Em

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    Week 10 Pick Em

    Wanna do this since we don't have a game? Idk, I did it in the main, bold your picks if you want in.

    Indy @ Jacksonville
    Denver @ Carolina
    Oakland @ Baltimore
    NY Giants @ Cincinnati
    Tennessee @ Miami
    Detroit @ Minnesota
    Buffalo @ NE
    Atlanta @ NO
    San Diego @ Tampa
    NY Jets @ Seattle
    Dallas @ Philly
    St.Louis @ San Fran
    Houston @ Chicago
    Kansas City @ Pittsburgh
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    Quote Originally Posted by surf and turf View Post
    And the guy has been quoted all over the place saying if he lunged for the end zone it would have been a football move.

    Blandino said Bryant lunging forward toward the goal line is not the kind of overt act a player needs to make in order to be seen as making a “football move.”

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