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    Indiana Duo Suspended 9 Games

    Posting for you IU guys. Not sure who these guys are and how important they are, but improper benefits are never good for a program.

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    That whole situation is ********. In no way was this IU's fault. Absolute ********.

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    Dec 2006
    I, along with everyone else who has a solid understanding of the NCAA rules, know it's beyond ridiculous that they consider someone a booster 20 years after they give a $180 bucks to the Varsity Club (guess there is no expiration date :P) who happens to be Parea/Jurkin's AAU coach (and Parea's legal guardian). Their coach, Mark Adams, made sure this wouldn't be a problem with the NCAA at the time and all that they responded to him with was "we aren't sure". The players did nothing wrong, and this whole concept of "improper benefits" does not apply to this situation whatsoever. And the NCAA calling this issue a "threat to integrity" is a joke.

    To sum it up, NCAA did a real nice job with this one. But hey, they cleared Nerlens Noel and the dude probably couldn't spell his own name, that speaks for itself
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