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    Rays interested in Justin Upton?

    Per local radio 98.7 THE FAN.

    Still looking for link.

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    Here ya go...


    Honestly, I have not followed Justin's career in Arizona....many have said he is actually more talented than B.J...and that would be saying something, since I think big brother is SUPREMELY talented...

    However, I never was a fan of B.J.'s work ethic and hustle.....if Justin is anything like that, then the Rays would be trading in one problem for another similar one....I'd pass on that.

    I'd prefer the Rays deal one or two of their starters to Minnesota (who desperately need pitching), and maybe get a guy like Denard Span to play CF....and the Twins MAY be persuaded to deal Josh Willingham as well if the pitchers coming back are right...

    Just saying...

    And if I am wrong about Justin, and he is more dedicated than his brother, then my apologies, and I would then welcome another Upton to the Rays.

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