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    Nov 2012

    Rays likely to trade pitching for hitting at or after winter meetings

    Good read here:

    According to ESPN's Buster Olney:
    The most likely of the Rays' established starting pitchers to be dealt is Jeremy Hellickson. On paper, the best matchup appears to be the Padres.

    According to ESPN's Jayson Stark:
    While there have been rumors about a James Shields trade for two years, one AL exec says that this will finally be the time for the Rays to pull the trigger. "Just look at the contract. He's got this year and next year left. So he's got more value now than he'll have a year from now. They're very analytical about everything they do. It just makes sense that now's the time," said the exec.

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    Jim Bowden just tweeted this:

    James Loney and Rays close to one-year deal....Loney would replace Carlos Pena at 1B...also talking to Nats on starter for Morse & Espinosa
    What you guys think about a deal involving Morse, Espinosa and possibly more? James Shields maybe?

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