Sanchez is actually the only part of our offense that isn't the problem. He has no offensive line. He never has time to throw the ball. He is under pressure almost every time he goes back to pass and he needs to force the pass to receivers that didn't have time to get open yet. And even when he does get it to the receiver, he drops it a lot of the time. To make things worse, we have no running game which would make things easier for Sanchez. What other QB has no o-line, run game, or receivers? Nobody. We need one more good receiver (Dwayne Bowe would've been nice. I think Hill will eventually stop dropping passes. Kerley is good slot and Keller is good TE), a fast running back to split carries with Greene (or use McKnight when he is healthy because he is underrated and underused), and to replace Howard, Slauson, and maybe even Brandon Moore. We need to build around our franchise QB Sanchez. Not bench him for the worst QB in NFL history.