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I can see Allen's point. If these guys are not getting it done in practice what is there to suggest that they will get it done against the Baltimore Ravens.
Palmer canít wait to see Taiwan Jones run

Taiwan Jones was the fastest man at the 2011 NFL Combine, running a 4.33 40, but itís taken a while for the running back to get his shot with the Raiders. It may come Sunday, what with injuries to starter Darren McFadden and No. 2 back Mike Goodson.

Quarterback Carson Palmer, for one, canít wait to see what the second-year back out of Eastern Washington can do.

ďI feel like Iíve been waiting forever. I canít wait,Ē Palmer said. ďHe does amazing things in practice and heís by far the fastest person on the field and he will be the fastest person on the field on Sunday.

ďAnd not that you want to see guys get banged up, but Iím excited about the opportunity heís getting. Feel like since Iíve been here Iíve waited for him to get his opportunity and it hasnít worked out and here it is. Heíll get his touches and I canít wait.Ē

Palmer called the 6-foot, 197-pound Jones ďelectrifying.Ē

ďHe puts his foot in the ground and goes,Ē Palmer said. ďHe wiggles out of hits, he wiggles out of tackles. Canít wait to throw him the ball, get him in the open field. Heís so much fun to watch at practice itís, like I said, a long time coming.Ē