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    Big Ben getting some credit for once!

    Here's a quote in an article written by Jason Whitlock:

    8. My sleeper pick for MVP is Big Ben Roethlisberger. On Sunday, Roethlisberger beat the Giants and the worst officiating crew since Green Bay-Seattle.

    Big Ben is my favorite NFL player. He’s the modern-day John Elway. Roethlisberger is never going to put up Peyton Manning-like stats. But Roethlisberger is a winner. His willingness and ability to hang in the pocket, move around in the pocket and deliver the ball downfield is unmatched.

    Pittsburgh’s more conservative, dink-and-dunk offense has Big Ben on pace for the best season of his illustrious career. He’s completing 67 percent of his passes and has thrown just four interceptions.

    There are a lot of good candidates for MVP: Peyton Manning, JJ Watt, Matt Ryan. Let’s add Big Ben to the list of contenders. In my opinion, he’s leading the best team in football.

    Finally, some good press!
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    "if i had a choice between getting prison raped or trading troy, i might trade troy.......maybe."

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    Peter King also gives Ben much credit especially in the MVP race, although now I can't find it.

    He has been heaping a ton of praise to Ben for passing the ball on time, being the toughest QB to take down, and carrying the offense on his back for long periods of time. He says the hardest part for Ben is he's having a career year where:
    Peyton came back from injury
    JJ Watt is having an all time great year (but he suspects fan fair for that will die)
    Matt Ryan is the face of the best team
    Brees, Rodgers, Brady are all playing

    Then he adds on what some writers use an excuse for not saying Ben is good is that he doesn't play a 'clean' game. Whatever that means.


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    He deserves it

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