So, i'm currently in the market for a new acoustic guitar. Planning to spend up to about $500, and wondering if you guys have something in mind. I want a solid top this time, been playing the cheap Ibanez IJV50, but it is quite something else.

It was my first guitar that I bought a little over a year ago. Didn't knew then what to look for and ended up with it. It is a dreadnought, neck is bigger than most guitars, action is way up there, laminated spruce top, everything that most people would recommend not to buy for a beginner. Even though I went through that, I believe that my learning curve was accelerated due to those facts. I'd probably think the non-dreadnought/jumbo adult size guitars are like half size or 3/4 size . Even though it had those flaws, that thing produces great sound. Resonance holds up well too. Planning to keep it as my POS guitar for camping/beach/etc.

Since I am ready to make a leap for a better quality guitar, I kinda want to narrow the list. There are way too much out there. I know, I know... it will still depend on how comfortable it is to me and the sound of it.

Any suggestions within the price limit of 0-$500?