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    11 84.62%
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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by TopsyTurvy View Post
    The Bulls 20 turnovers weren't due to OKC's "superb defense." If OKC didn't give up MORE (especially in the 4th when they had something like 5), the Bulls get blown out.
    You can say the same for both teams.

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    Dec 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by TopsyTurvy View Post
    As stellar as Ibaka was playing, Perkins was the opposite (likely due to injury). I think if you take an average night between both of their games, the Bulls have no answer in the front court for a team that has Perkins, Ibaka, Durant, and Collison (VERY underrated). They don't have the depth to prevent productivity (offensively and defensively) of those players with Asik gone - and that is the strength of the Bulls. The only way the Bulls 'caught up' to a team like the Thunder is because of the Harden trade (though Martin is still very effective).
    Perhaps, perhaps not. I still think a healthy Bulls team can beat a healthy OKC team in a 7-game series. Let's hope we get to see that and i'm proven right

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    Ya gotta limit Durant and Ibaka as best you can. We didn't do that.

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