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    Sep 2012

    Need help.. First time @ barclays

    Myself and a couple of my buddies are planning on going to Barclays center for the nets vs thunder game on the 4 th the seats we have are lower baseline 15, I would just like tobget people's thoughts that have already been there and are fimiliar with the stadium.

    What should I do when I get there where to park and what time should I go to the arena to see warm ups and everything .

    Also if anyone has any idea where the seats are , are they any good? It says that the section we are in has all you can eat food and non alchoholic drinks ?

    Sorry about the grammer/punctuation and if its tough to read I'm at work and writing this on my at work.. any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Apr 2011
    New York
    If you don't have to drive, don't.

    You'll most likely find street parking further down 4th avenue, just zig zag through the blocks from 3rd to 5th aves and hope for a spot.

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