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Sure I do.

Current Payroll is 39.6 Million

So lets take that plus the 30 million for Curry to thats 69.6 million.

I signed Kakefu for I think like 9 million. Alright so my Salary is 78ish million.

Alright so assuming I am similar to last year

19 million gate revenue
15 million media
22 million merch
20 million cash

Thats what 76 million. Lets assume I don't make the playoffs I am negative 2 million. If I make the playoffs I probably make money, and this isnt assuming I could raise ticket prices.

Plus I mean the guy will make 176K next year.

Basically I treated him as an IFA. I get a 68 overall starting pitcher, and by end of 1992 I will have max money again.
You only get 20mil if you end the season with 20 mil or more. If you have less than 20 mil or in the negative, that's stays.