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Nope, you can't call them optimists. Optimism is having hope in the darkest hour. It's unwavering.

What you're referring to are what I call hyperbolics. People who think we're world beaters one day, and scum of the earth the next. Like a pendulum, they think they're right, even if it's only twice a day. Whatever you call them, don't call them optimists. It doesn't apply.

Even a realist can have optimism. The fact that many "realists" are still Raiders fans reflects that. Otherwise, they'd have set aside their jolly rogers years ago. It's been a decade of losing. Say what you want, but without optimism no realist would think it practical, prudent or logical to stick around otherwise.
well im a realist and ill agree that im OPTIMISTIC about the future. Getting a good draft pick will even make me more optimistic. I was referring to the unrealistic optimists who thought after barely beating a banged up jags team and a semi *** kicking of the chiefs that we had a chance to go 9-7 and get a wild card spot.