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I wouldn't be surprised if both R.A. and Niese are traded.

Remember SA and Co. are not counting on the team going anywhere in '13. Blowing up this team is not a bad idea with David Wright being signed to a long term deal.

Unfortunately, we have so many weaknesses. I can't see us going anywhere not until 2015. And, I'm being optimistic.
No offense, but that's ridiculous, as Wright would be an albatross(33) by the time the Mets are (hopefully) good in 2015.

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If they trade niese or dickey I would say blow it all up. Including Wright, Parnell and Murphy. Maybe Ike if we get a really good haul back. We were a 75 win team with these guys if we won't add in free agency the team needs to start over.
I agree, however I'd keep anybody under 27 and that has a service time of 3 years or less. I'd lock up Ike and Gee now, especially since we can avoid their arbitration as well and lock them up for below market value. We could probably lock Ike up for 5 mil or less a year(5 yrs/25 mil), and Gee for at most 3 mil a year(4 yrs/12 mil). After that, I'd cut payroll, while investing on the draft and International Free Agency.