i was just listening to michael kay and buster olney was on mentioning the yankees talking possible contract extensions, especially w/ cano playing in his final year of his current contract.

no one can deny what cano is worth; cano, imo, is a top 5 mlb player. if cano ever became a free agent, i would assume every team would make an offer for this superstar.

if the yankees offer cano 5yr 125mill an cano/boras want between 8-10 yrs at 250mill.

if you're cashman/yankee ownership, do you give cano 8-10yrs at 25mill per season? personally, if i were the yankees, i'd offer cano, at most, 6yrs 150mill. but if boras replies, "no deal! more yrs!" would you trade cano or let cano play out the final year of the contract(he becomes a free agent)?

if you decide to trade cano, in my opinion, you could get a "kings ransom" return for cano. the yankees, with this trade, could indeed restock their entire minor league system by trading cano.

lets say you were cashman now and you could trade cano. where would you trade cano and what would you ask for in return?