Without labels, lets just pick each issue and come to a stance what we all think about it in a paragraph. we can create our own super-candidate.
Here are some major issues and how I feel... and ill admit, im not very "into" politics so these stances might be ignorant.

Should be allowed. according to Freakonomics, abortion plays a huge role in keeping the crime rate down. Obviously, we wont be going out giving free abortions, there would need to be stipulations. I think the Gov't should only fund it in cases of rape and incest, depending on how they can prove it. other than that, the $ should come from insurance or out of the ppl's pockets. Should also be limited to the amount they can have.

We need to have really strict policies for this. It should be out there, but only within a certain timeframe and under very strict conditions. Of course, we all probably agree, that we should be drug testing ppl on it.

The inequality of income in the U.S. is the highest out of any country in the world. I know the argument that gov't should be TOO involved, but something needs to be done to fix the inequality of income. Corp CEO's shouldnt be able to fire thousands of people just so they dont have to cut their pay/bonuses. Needs to be regulated internally, and create a moral guideline. Outsourcing should be regulated too, esp when the unemployment rate is ridiulous.

we need to move away from our oil dependency. Assist all the oil companies in moving toward new renewable energies. Imagine, instead of a BP oil drilling business, you'll have BP's windmill energy farm. Oil should be conserved and hybrid cars/vehicles should be available at a reasonable price to all.

Quality, not quantity. Increase teacher/professor pay but also increase the qualifications and penalties. Pay them more, but be more strict on them. Dont make it a competition between schools, all schools should have similar opportunities for all the children.

Those are some views, some are way off ill admit, but its an example. Im hoping some more educated people can get on here and give their 2 cents. here are some more issues...

Homeland Security
Nuclear energy/missles
Stem Cell Research
War/Foreign Relations
Political Corruption** We need to find a way to eliminate this, even tho it seems impossible