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    But Beckham hasn't shown he can establish an approach at the plate. It seems as if he is doing something different every time. Sanchez can field just as good as Beckham and if he can get on base like he did in the minors, then he could be the #2 hitter that GB has failed to become. GB is arbitration eligible for the first time. Trade him now for hopefully a starting pitcher that has had the same kind of problems adjusting as he has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cash View Post
    If Beckham can actually establish an approach at the plate, you don't trade an established player in hopes that buddy ripping up minor league pitching is the answer. If this team stunk it up all year, different story. But Peavy and Wise resigning is a pretty good indication the sox aren't throwing in the towel this year.
    Signing Peavy is a good indication the Sox aren't throwing in the towel.

    Signing Wise....I still can't figure out why they did. That's an indication they're willing to waste money and a roster spot on a completely worthless player.

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