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    Planning a Spring Training

    I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys have gone to spring training to check before. I was hoping to get a little info or suggestions about a possible trip. I haven't done much research as yet, but me and some friend are thinking about going out there for a bachelor party. Any info you could give would be well appreciated.

    Some things Id be interested in...


    How far is the stadium from hotels, and how far are bars/entertainment from the stadium?

    Where are the Cubs comparatively? We are a mixed group, so checking out the Cubs would be something half the group would want to do?

    Restaurant recommendations?

    Thanks for the help in advance

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    Dec 2006
    I have been the last 3 years, hotels, bars, etc. are fairly close just off the interstate you won't have any problems getting to and from the park, if you don't mind having a 15 to 20 minute walk as I remember. I have relatives that live in the area and I stay with them so I can't help you with that or the air fare for that matter. The Cubs are an hour to 2 hours away depending on the traffic. I know the car rentals are jacked up during the month of March so I would assume the hotel and entertainment prices are too, I strongly suggest you save your money and just pay for the outfield/grass seating in my opinion it’s the best bang for your buck! Parking is free, and the cost for beer wasn’t bad either $6.00 , it varies from park to park, if you go take advantage of the Sox off days and visit the other spring training parks I found it interesting and fun to go to as many as I could while out there. Good Luck and have fun! Hope this helped ….
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